FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, December 16, 2020 – Love’s Bakery Toasty House Contest took an interesting turn! Tutu experimented with honoring our partner, Hawaiian Air Cargo. See concocted an airplane! It is definitely on the leading edge of Toasty building. See her antics HERE

People are really getting in the spirit of the contest. Love’s has received many wonderful designs. Everyone is showing off their imagination and decorating skills. We received a Gummy Toasty Houses, some very ornate and beautifully crafted, one with lights, and others with themes like cats or the Three Little Pigs. See them HERE.

The contest rules and the entry form are on the website. And the video showing the step-by-step instructions to make a Toasty House is HERE. Entrants can submit a photo of their Toasty House on the website, or on their social media channels using the hashtag #lovestoastyhouse. The contest runs through December 31, 2020, but residents are encouraged to enter early (and often).

“We are so excited by the response to our Toasty House contest,” stated the Love’s Bakery Team. “We want everyone to have fun, be creative and enjoy Love’s Fresh Baked Bread — to use their imaginations but most of all to eat! Find recipes at our website for many surprising ways to use Love’s bread.”  

And the prizes? Love’s Bakery, a 170-year-old local company, has once again paired with another beloved local brand, Hawaiian Air Cargo, for the grand prize, 50K HawaiianMiles. And they are working with still another well-known kamaaina company, Hilo Hattie, who will be giving fashion face masks to the first 50 entries.