FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, January 4, 2021 – The entries to the Toasty House Contest by Love’s Bakery were amazing! So, the selection of a winner was especially difficult. In the end Love’s announced [HERE] that Jessica Rickman’s Aloha Tower made with Love’s Jumbo White Bread that won over the judges. See the Winner here! The entries were judged on Creativity, Originality, Overall Appeal, Attention to Detail and Quality of Construction.

Love’s received a variety of designs, from cute cottages to Toasty House Mansions, Iolani Palace, a Fire Station, a Hospital Tribute to Healthcare Workers, the 3 Pigs houses, and much more. The comments that accompanied some the entries were heartwarming. Some said it ‘saved their holidays, by making them happy.’ Many said it took them a couple of days to build their masterpieces — but they loved spending the time. All in all, the contest was very successful — and Love’s hopes to create an annual Toasty House Hawaii tradition. See the entries HERE.

“Wow! We didn’t expect such amazing creations,” stated the Love’s Bakery Team. “We were thrilled to see the fun Toasty Houses — and even more to read the comments on how the contest brought people joy!”

And the prizes? Love’s Bakery, paired with another beloved local brand, Hawaiian Air Cargo, for the grand prize of 50K HawaiianMiles. And all those who entered will get a fashion face masks from Hilo Hattie.