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What motivates you?

Being with nature
Being with nature
Creating art
Creating art
Doing great at work
Doing great at work
Winning at sports
Winning at sports
Traveling the world
Traveling the world
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What best describes you?

A bit shy, and
like time to myself
Strong silent type
Easy going,
A caregiver, nurturer,
best friend
Detail oriented
Outgoing, friendly
life of the party
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What is your idea of the perfect day?

Sleep in, putter
around the house
Take kids to the park, have ice cream
and watch a home movie
Watching football
with the gang
Beach day in the sun
and surfing
A hike to a spot with an
amazing view, picnic
ATV riding, or
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How adventurous are you – do you plan or just go for it?

I am great at channel
surfing (tv)
Like all of my ducks
in a row
Explorer, like to find new
things (books / restaurants)
I’m an adventurous eater
— I'll try anything
Find me a mountain
to climb
Parachuting, Ziplining,
flying and free-falling!
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What’s your favorite thing to do?

Arts and crafts
Watching sports
with the gang
Anything outdoors
Playing a sport –
running, tennis, golf
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Calculating your true Love’s


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And The Winner Is……

Aloha Toasty TowerAnnouncing our 1st Toasty House Winner… Jessica Rickman’s Aloha Tower — quite an achievement and an icon of Hawaii! Thank you to all who participated. We loved the creativity and talent shown in each entry. We hope you had fun building your Toasty House!

View The Gallery>>>

View The Video Of Entries>>>

Our Story Lives On

For 170 years, Love’s Bakery has been baking bread for the islands. Locally owned and operated, we have 250 employees who work hard every day to keep our fresh products on the shelves. Maybe you know someone who works for Love’s or any of the retailers, restaurants, schools or other institutions that we supply. You might have fond memories of the Love’s bread of your childhood. Or, maybe you recall a factory tour in elementary school. Love’s Bakery has held a special place in the lives of our community and will continue to be part of the taste of Hawaii well into the future. We are here for you!

This Week’s Deal

It’s simple to find specials on Love’s Bakery products throughout the Islands. With our ‘deal finder’ tool, we’ll help you get promotional pricing at our partner retailers. Check here to see what products are on sale this week at your favorite stores.

This Month’s Recipe

Love’s Nutella French Toast Roll Ups

Fun For The Family! Try this delicious easy to make recipe for any special treat.